Siotha Vest For Mckinney Texas

Candidate for McKinney City Council District 4

VOTE: Siotha Vest

I bring fresh new perspectives to the table. Using the resources provided and offered by the city and residents, I will seek guidance and input from all areas of the public to ensure the best options are available when City Council makes decisions and represent the wants and needs of residents in District 4 . I am proud to be a Stay at Home Mom, with children at BOYD & WOLFORD, our local public schools.

Why am I running now? Because about a year ago, the Paramedics from Fire Station #3, truly saved my life. You see, I thought, I’d had a heart attack (due to my history of Migraines) or something similar. They were at the house in 3 Minutes and determined I needed care, but my heart was ok. Taken to Baylor, they found my stomach, through no fault of my own had ruptured. Baylor turned me away, they did not have the staff necessary to save my life at our Mckinney campus. With 24 hours to become septic & possibly die, I received care at another hospital in Dallas. During the recovery, I missed the activism (being at meetings and videoing them for our tech-savvy neighbors to watch & comment on), community involvement, our church, weekends at the lake and the various activities we used to volunteer in the city, and through scouting. By running for City Council, this is my opportunity to step back in and serve the entire community while raising my family here in McKinney Texas.

To get to know me better, join me on Facebook where you can see my full story, open dialogs, videos, and updates until May 4th!

McKinney Texas Values

This is what I, Siotha Vest, will hold dear to my heart as I serve the city:

  • Keep McKinney Unique
  • Encourage a Thriving Economy
  • Create Open Dialogs & Strengths Brought by Your Expertise
  • Preserve Private Property Rights
  • Maintain High Standards for Community Safety
  • Advocate for Residents – I’m not afraid to Ask the Questions You Have!

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Being your voice on City Council means…

  • ★ Once We Vote for the Bonds, For or Against the bonds – Citizens Choices will be Upheld.
  • ★ Stand for Tax Reform, Budgets within our Means
  • ★ Balance Global Issues with our Hometown Essence
  • ★ Encourage Diversity in Businesses and Jobs Brought to McKinney
  • ★ Advocate for Small Businesses Impacted by Larger Developers or Projects
  • ★ Activate support for more Healthcare options, Recruiting More Surgeons,  Free Services & Clinics
  • ★ Fresh Ideas for Transportation. We all agree East to West Transportation Routes are needed especially as we Develop the 380 Businesses & Mixed-use Communities.